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October 5, 2005 -- Anti-Porn Satire "Beating the Bunny" Released on DVD

September 4, 2005 -- "Risqué" Film Premieres at Church Next Saturday

August 9, 2005 -- Controversial Film About Pornography Premieres September 10

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Beating the Bunny Logo

Beating the Bunny Logo

BEATING THE BUNNY LOGO - Both color and monochrome versions
VERTICAL BANNERS - Both color and monochrome versions
Beating the Bunny at NYWC 2005Beating the Bunny at NYWC 2005
BEATING THE BUNNY INFILTRATES THE CHRISTIAN PUBLISHING INDUSTRY- We visited the National Youth Workers' Convention in Pittsburgh and Nashville. Can you find our booth in the big picture?
Beating the Bunny at NYWC 2005
A FAN BEATS THE BUNNY - We knew we had an enthusiastic fan on our hands when he ran up to the bunny with a foam hammer and demanded that his picture be taken.
Beating the Bunny Giant Evil Pink Bunny

NOT EXACTLY THE EASTER RABBIT- The giant, evil, pink bunny arouses the protagonist's worst nightmare as it brandishes its jaws.


Beating the Bunny Girl
DREAM GIRL - The woman that haunts Amos' dreams (played by Autumne Sorgius), stares him in the eyes.


Beating the Bunny Brothers and the Bunny
BROTHERS AND THE BUNNY - Director Carl Obremski (left) and Actor Collin Obremski (right) pose with the star character of the film: the giant, evil, pink bunny. Beating the Bunny fan Chris Atwood (back) somehow snuck his face into the picture.
Beating the Bunny Man to Man

MAN TO MAN - Father (played by Phil Lineback) teaches his depressed son (Collin Obremski) on the high-level concept of prevenient grace.

Beating the Bunny Hurtful Confession
HURTFUL CONFESSION - Amos (played by Collin Obremski) discusses his secret porn addiction with close friend Galena (Shelby Fouse).
Beating the Bunny Look at My Screen
LOOK AT MY SCREEN - Amos (played by Collin Obremski) is certainly not looking at porn.
Beating the Bunny Uh Oh
UH OH - Amos' dad, played by Phil Lineback, becomes speechless when he discovers naughty things in his son's clothes.
SHAPING MASTER PERFORMANCES - Director Carl Obremski (right) coaches actors Phil Lineback (left) and Collin Obremski (center) on the specifics of a scene.
Beating the Bunny Getting the Shot
GETTING THE SHOT - Director Carl Obremski (left) captures the performances of actors Phil Lineback (center) and Collin Obremski (right).
Beating the Bunny Virtuoso
VIRTUOSO - Violinist Jeanie Sozansky plays the distinctive melody for Beating the Bunny at Burnt Scroll Productions/Broken Chain Studios.
Beating the Bunny Mixing Master
MIXING MASTER - Collin Obremski at the audio editing station at Burnt Scroll Productions/Broken Chain Studios.
Beating the Bunny Guerilla Cameraman
GUERILLA CAMERAMAN - Actor Phil Lineback (rear) helps Director Carl Obremski (front) achieve a smooth moving shot as he juggles a video camera, a boom microphone, and a 700-watt film light.


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