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Parents - If you have any kids ages 14 or above, you can be almost completely certain that they've looked at porn intentionally.

This is not intended to scare you. It is the truth. And this truth is rather frightening. Your kids are in a generation where porn is extremely easy to access. And out of curiosity, you can bet that they've got their hands on it at some point. Let's look at the facts:

  • The majority of Internet porn users are age 12-17.
  • The average age of first exposure to porn is 11.
  • 90% of kids 8 - 16 with access to the Internet have viewed porn.
  • 30% of children visiting chatrooms have been solicited for a sexual encounter.

Our culture sadly hides these facts because they are easier to ignore than to deal with.

THESE STATISTICS INCLUDE YOUR CHILDREN. They are easy to ignore. It's easy to think that porn addiction only affects "pervert" kids. It disturbs most well-meaning parents to think that their child could be addicted to porn at this moment.

The truth: a tween or teen can seem totally sweet to a parent but have another side of life that is growing wildly sexual. And there is no way to realize this just by looking. Kids are pretty good at hiding this stuff. In fact, there are certain demographics of children that parents often assume are immune to porn but are actually at high risk of addiction:

  • Kids raised in a Christian home
  • Pastor's kids
  • Homeschooled children
  • Girls, especially sweet ones
  • 11 - 14 year old boys
  • those who claim "I've never looked at porn or masturbated...ever!"


"He/she's too young."

To be blunt, this is not true. Kids now start talking about sex as young as age ten, on average -- at this point, they have no clue what they're discussing except that it's cool and taboo.

Most parents shy away from the subject at this age because they feel the child is too young. If a child hears about the birds and the bees too early, there is a fear that it will corrupt their development and result in perversion.

But if your children don't hear from you, their trusted parents, they will hear about it from their friends, who are equally clueless. It doesn't matter how homeschooled or religious or sheltered they are, your beloved children will enter the sex discussion, with or without you. [producer's note] If you want to hear some rather disturbing stories about the truth in this, contact me.

HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO. You absolutely must approach your child. It takes courage to swallow the image you have of your offspring as a sweet, innocent child. However, he or she is now on the way to adulthood and is seeking to experience all the things they think adults are allowed to do. Ultimately, their curiosities will take the best of them if you don't take charge as a a parent.

But here's the bright side. If you bring up the issue with a nonjudgemental, caring tone, they will listen. If you discover some porn in their life, it might be chill your bones a bit, but despite evidence of what appears to be rebellion, your teen merely sees pornography as "exploration" rather than as something damaging.

But it is damaging. You know it is. But they don't. It is your responsibility to teach them how pornography will skew their perspective of the opposite sex and possibly send them on a downward spiral in other areas of life.

IT'S NOT AN EASY TASK, BUT THERE ARE CHEAP TOOLS AVAILABLE. That's why Beating the Bunny was made, to make it easier to bring up the subject of porn. The only initiative you need to take is to tell your kid "Hey, let's watch a funny short film." Kids love independent films.

The movie begins. They have no idea what's coming.

You'll both see a story unfold about a young man who seems like a perfectly sweet boy who hides a nasty porn habit from his parents. You'll get a look inside all the techniques kids use to cover the deed.

Your kid may squirm inside, knowing full well that this is precisely the situation as with you, but what we've found is that it opens up conversation. And opening up conversation is the key. Along with the resources on this website, Beating the Bunny is an entertaining and effective way to approach the porn problem with your kids.

Beating the Bunny is a low-cost investment in your kid's mental health and future marriage. Make this important connection with your child today. It can be a scary concept, easier to just avoid altogether, but it'll be worth it for your child's future. Click here to pick up a copy for $10 at our online store.




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