Beating the Bunny - The War Against Porn Addiction

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This is a movie for those who enjoy porn a little too much.

Read about the film, watch the trailer, play the game, and own the DVD.

SHARE THE FILM. Winter is coming soon, a time when Americans spend a lot of time on the computer. The men in your family will encounter many opportunities to look at porn in the coming months, so start the winter off right by getting them a copy of Beating the Bunny. Get a 5-pack for $40, and we'll throw in free shipping in the U.S.

NEW FREE VIDEO GAME. The long-awaited bunny blaster video game is here. Click here to download.

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"It brought stuff to the surface that was really hidden in my life."
-Dan, M, age 26

"My eleven-year-old daughter just got her first boyfriend. Your movie helped me get the courage to talk to her about sex."
-Gene, F, age 35

"It's a very cool movie and a wonderful tool...I love that Christians are starting to stand against very serious topics that Christians in the past have patty-caked around."
-Andy, M, Age 16



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