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" That was way cool. As a youth worker, I totally recomend this film to any youth leader who is bold enough to confront the tempations our young people face." - Joel Glovier, Teen Quest Ministries

It's not easy talking about porn.

If you were to ask your small group, "Raise your hand if you struggle with porn," it's likely that you'd get no takers. People freeze up when the subject comes to the table, and a new topic is often sought quickly.

For some reason, porn is a taboo topic, even though it's more common in many communities than cussing.

It is essential that we confront the people in our small groups about this issue, because more than likely, it's huge with some of your members. From taking one look at the statistics, it's easy to see that porn can affect just about everyone nowadays, crossing gender, age, and religious boundaries.

If the subject is not brought up in your small group, where intimate and hurtful burdens should be shared, then a person who is addicted may be forced to deal with it alone.

Again, it's not easy. What we really need is an ice-breaker, something to get the conversation started.

Beating the Bunny will break the ice. The 24-minute film approaches the serious subject in a rather light-hearted way, relieving some of the discomfort of the topic. Once the members of your group witness the main character's experiences, they will be able to relate to his struggle and use that connection to express their own frustrations with the issue.

There is a Socratic-style curriculum included on the DVD which provides challenging questions for your group, as well as other features that serve to guide discussion. The entire film, curriculum, and discussion can be completed in about 45 minutes to an hour.

This is a valuable tool for any leader who wants to connect with his or her group at a deeper level. You can pick up a copy of Beating the Bunny at our online store for $10 with free shipping.






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