Beating the Bunny - The War Against Porn Addiction

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Take out your porn frustrations on the bunny.

Beating the Bunny video game

Beating the Bunny video game

Beating the Bunny video game

Beating the Bunny video game

TEMPTED? Sometimes it feels like everyone's trying to make us think about naked people. Porn seems to haunt us and hunt us at every turn. The giant, evil, pink bunny is always prowling.

It's time to get some much-deserved revenge on the bunny after all these years. In this game, we give you a shotgun as you stand in the center of a dark room. The mission? Fend off hundreds of giant, evil, pink bunnies before they close in and munch you to bits. Every subsequent wave gets faster and fiercer. As you kill more bunnies, you get better guns. Just don't die.

THE PORN CHALLENGE: Every time you feel the urge to look at porn, play this video game and defend yourself from the bunny. It's an awesome tool to fight porn by providing you with a little distraction every time you feel like binging on naughty pics and vids. Plus, it's just lots of fun to blast away hundreds of rabbits. (hint: get at least 170 kills, which will give you access to a powerful grenade launcher...that's when the true fun begins.)

THINK IT WON'T WORK? Try it for yourself when the urge arrives. The fun part about living life isn't always the goal but the journey to get there.

YOU THINK THIS PROMOTES ANIMAL CRUELTY? How would you know this? You haven't even played the game yet! Consider the following: If there were several bloodthirsty, giant pitbull-like creatures chasing after you, and you had a big, powerful, loaded gun, would you have just stood by while they chewed off your leg? We leave you with a quote from the main character in the game, "This is not animal cruelty. It's self-defense."


Beating the Bunny - High Res Version
For Pentium 4 and higher - full special effects
Download from Main Site

Beating the Bunny - Low Res Version
Pentium III 1Ghz and lower - no special effects
Download from Main Site

Low Res Exe Only
If you installed the high res version, and it runs too slow, put this exe in your game directory.
Download from Main Site

Windows 2000 or XP
Pentium III 700MHz or higher
DirectX 9
3D Graphics Card (Geforce 2 or higher)
Game Copyright 2005 Burnt Scroll Productions


Once you play the video game, make sure to grab a copy of the film to see what happens when someone else battles the bunny.


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