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Beating the Bunny

1. What in the world is Beating the Bunny?

Beating the Bunny is a fresh, entertaining new film for acknowledging the addictive nature of pornography and how families currently deal with it (as in...they don't). It's not a documentary nor a "preach-at-you" propaganda film, but a comedic drama. It stands alone as a piece of edgy, quality enterainment but has an underlying vibe that will really make you think. Read more about it here.

2. I don't get it. What's the deal with the bunny?

Think of all the bunnies that are used as pop culture icons. Now narrow those down to the ones that have to do with porn, and voila - you have the design found on a 13-year-old girl's belt buckle. But the rabbit isn't as cute as some would like you to believe. The movie Beating the Bunny shows her true face.

3. Is there a discount for large orders?

Yes, there is a discount for purchases of 5 or more. If you need 50 or more, contact us directly.

4. I'm concerned about the content. Is this good for children? What is the youngest age I can show this to?

We recommend this film highly for boys 11+ and girls 13+. That's the average time when they start getting interested in sex (with some kids, earlier). We currently have our product being reviewed by the Dove Foundation (they're lagging right now because of the holiday season).

5. So this is applicable to girls?

Yes, girls can have issues with porn. Often, it takes the form of obscene romance novels. However, we've had women flat out tell us how much they enjoy hardcore porn videos, too.

6. How long is the film?

24 minutes. It fits perfectly in a small group session and leaves time for discussion. There are also about 30 minutes of special features.

7. Do you have it in Spanish?

Not at this time. We are working on a Spanish version, however.

8. Can I get someone from Burnt Scroll Productions to speak at my college/church/concert about pornography or film production?

Yes. Contact us with your requirements. We'll see how we can help you out. As a caveat, we'll talk about porn or film production, but sorry, not porn film production.

For the Naysayers
(in response to actual questions asked)

1. I don't think there is anything wrong with porn. Why are you such a square?

We operate off the principle that following God's way of purity is ultimately a better way to live than by making our own naive judgements on how to live. Sure, we'd all love to indulge in things like porn, but by avoiding it, we are investing in our future health. There's enough evidence to show that marriages are happier without porn use. Avoiding porn and giving your current or future spouse exclusivity to your sexuality is a valuable investment in him or her. You won't regret it, we guarantee it.

2. So is this just some ultra-right-wing, Christian fundamentalist propaganda?

No, not really. Propaganda is a device used to brainwash someone else into thinking what you want them to think. There is no brainwashing here. We merely serve attention to a problem and offer a solution that has worked for millions of people. The film leaves room for the viewer to think for him/herself without insulting the intellect. Any rational, postmodern thinker would accept the solution we present as part of a possible and viable alterative lifestyle.

3. Does this movie promote animal cruelty?

Read about the video game to find out.


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