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Beating the Bunny DVD

Beating the Bunny DVD

Own a copy of the only film on the marketplace that confronts the porn issue with an honest, candid, and direct attitude. Pop some corn, invite the guys over, and get ready for belly-aching laughter as you watch an eighteen-year-old make a fool of himself as he tries to hide a secret porn stash from his parents. Witness the disturbing "bunny scenes." Become part of the controversial and revolutionary "Beating the Bunny" phenomenon.

There are over 1/2 hour of special features on the DVD, listed here.
Pastor, parent, and small group resources included on the DVD.

Beating the Bunny 5-pack

Beating the Bunny 5-Copy Discount Pack

This is a great discount for those who are not afraid to stir up some discussion about a shy and taboo issue.

There are very likely people you know who are struggling with this very issue but feel ashamed talking about it to anyone. Giving someone a copy of this film might give them courage to confront the issue in their lives and talk to their families about it. This would be a priceless gift. Likewise, a copy of Beating the Bunny makes an excellent donation to a church library or a ministry program.

Since the holidays are coming up, these make superb gifts for friends and family (males especially). Could even be a surprising stocking stuffer and a good laugh.


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