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Released video game posted by Carl on 12-22-2005 00:57

Well, we've released the video game Beating the Bunny on the main page. I hope you all enjoy it. Today, I got a call from some guys in Oklahoma playing the game at church to see who could get the most kills. One of them actually got to the semi-automatic rifle level. Apparently, it has turned out to be a very challenging game.

However, during development, I was able to play the game through to 450 kills. There are some tricks to hitting the bunny, such as:

1) Aim for the head
2) Time it so that you fire when the bunny is on the ground.
3) Don't waste shots, especially in the first rounds.
4) Use your radar. It's really humiliating when you you've blown a bunny away, only to see the red screen and hear a crunch coming from behind. Those little pink dots are not Christmas lights.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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New site coming posted by Carl on 12-05-2005 23:40

To celebrate the upcoming release of our video game, we're developing a brand,spanking new website. The game will be released by NEXT WEEK.

You might want to get on our mailing list now to make sure you catch wind of the game release before we announce it publicly. We expect our servers to be loaded up with download requests once we let the world know.

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Video game completed! posted by Carl on 12-02-2005 22:47

I'd like everyone to know that the video game has been completed as of tonight. It has turned out tremendously! Stay tuned for a release date.

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More Carnage posted by Carl on 11-15-2005 17:42

Here is an updated screenshot of the Beating the Bunny video game. You'll have access to four weapons of mass rabbit destruction. We have now set a release for some time in December. Get ready to rock n' roll!

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New Video Game Screenshot posted by Carl on 10-26-2005 15:55

This is an actual pic in game showing the progress of our work. In this scene, I had just annihilated four giant, evil, pink bunnies, and this is the graveyard. Soon, you will be able to annihilate some bunnies, too. Total carnage, man.

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Video Game Progress posted by Carl on 10-20-2005 22:54

The Video Game for Beating the Bunny is making progress. Here's an ingame model of the giant, evil, pink bunny.

Soon you will be able to fight hundreds of giant, evil, pink bunnies to your hearts content.

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Beating the Bunny Released! posted by Carl on 10-04-2005 11:58

It's finally here.

The anti-porn satire "Beating the Bunny" is now available for purchase on DVD. Purchasing copies for your family and friends will enable you to open up discussions about relationship-destroying pornography.

The DVD is packed with special features, including:
- 24-minute film Beating the Bunny with optional English subtitles
- Challenging "Porn Talk"
- Group discussion material and helpful porn addiction resources
- The entire soundtrack in mp3 format, also menu-accessible
- Deleted Scenes
- Blooper/Gag Reel
- Sixteen minutes of free films: "Skim Milk Charms" and "Unheard Cries of Mercy"

Grab a copy for $10 with FREE shipping, and you'll have it within a week.

Thanks for your support!


Here is a copy of the latest press release:



Anti-Porn Satire "Beating the Bunny" Released on DVD

Challenging and Controversial Film Reveals Secrets of Porn Addiction

KOKOMO, IN – October 5, 2005 (Burnt Scroll Productions) – It's a relatively well-known fact that at least half of American men struggle with pornography, but its availability on the Internet has now placed it in the hands of children. Eleven is the average age for first exposure to porn, and addiction can come quickly afterwards. There have even been reports of children as young as five addicted to Internet Porn. It has affected a far greater populace than the "pervert" or "dirty, old man" stereotype--it has invaded our very families.

Pornography is considered a secret sin. Someone who struggles with porn might otherwise be moral or religious, yet because of shame, it becomes a very difficult topic around the household. Porn secrets have been known to cause serious damage to self-esteem, marriages, and parent-child relationships. Often, the greater obstacle is not the porn itself but the relational coldness that comes from the private problem.
Independent film producer Carl Obremski aims to break the ice with his latest film "Beating the Bunny," which intimately follows the life of a teen who struggles with an addiction to pornography. He hides the problem from his parents and is haunted by dreams of a "giant, evil, pink bunny," which acts as a metaphor for his addiction.

Recognizing that porn plays no favorites--adults, children, men, and women are all on its target list--the film intrepidly deals with porn's secrecy and guilt. "I was a pretty honest kid, but no one knew I had a problem with porn," Obremski recalls from his early experiences, "and I knew my parents loved me, but I was shy to talk about it because I thought they'd end up hating me. I made this film so kids and teens can understand that it's okay to talk about it."

Tired of the often academic and monotonous presentation of porn addiction, he ventures to transform the topic into more provocative discussion material. "I hate boring movies. Everyone hates boring movies. So why make a boring movie? The way to get people talking is to craft a story that's weird, interesting, and funny--even disturbing at times." He believes that by lightening the topic, it will be easier for families and church groups to discuss.

The DVD version of "Beating the Bunny," released on October 4, is available on the film's website The program also contains resources that help youth workers and parents talk to their kids about the topic.

Burnt Scroll Productions was founded in 2002 to produce and distribute entertaining films with culturally relevant messages of love, hope, faith, and truth.

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A bunny scarier than ours posted by Carl on 09-29-2005 09:34

This is no joke! A group of elder ladies in Italy called "Gelatin" knitted together a wool bunny 200 feet long on top of Mount Colletto Fava in Piedmont. Hikers can rest on it, as seen in the picture, and it's supposed to stay up there until 2025! What do you think this thing's going to look like in 2025?

This rabbit....this 'art' it supposed to be cute or something?

No, because if you look carefully, the rabbit is supposed to be ironically dead, with its organs spilled out to the side. It's fallen from out of space to it's death.

Some alien must have been looking at a lot of porn.

Apparently, this is the artist statement:

The things one finds wandering in a landscape: familiar things and utterly unknown, like a flower one has never seen before, or, as Columbus discovered, an inexplicable continent;

and then, behind a hill, as if knitted by giant grandmothers, lies this vast rabbit, to make you feel as small as a daisy.

The toilet-paper-pink creature lies on its back: a rabbit-mountain like Gulliver in Lilliput. Happy you feel as you climb up along its ears, almost falling into its cavernous mouth, to the belly-summit and look out over the pink woolen landscape of the rabbitís body, a country dropped from the sky; ears and limbs sneaking into the distance; from its side flowing heart, liver and intestines.

Happily in love you step down the decaying corpse, through the wound, now small like a maggot, over woolen kidney and bowel.

Happy you leave like the larva that gets its wings from an innocent carcass at the roadside.

Such is the happiness which made this rabbit.

I love the rabbit. The rabbit loves me.

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Beating the Bunny At NYWC 2005 posted by Carl on 09-27-2005 19:44

As the release looms closer, we're preparing for a tradeshow called the National Youth Workers Convention in Pittsburgh, October 12-16. There will be 4,000 attendees during the Wed-Sat event. David Crowder will be performing, and speakers such as Louis Giglio will present. We're setting up a Beating the Bunny booth right in the center aisle.

Here's the link:

If you're going, look out for us...we'll have the giant, evil, pink bunny there with that lovable grin on his face, so bring your cameras for some personal photo ops.

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Wanna get rich in the porn industry? posted by Carl on 09-22-2005 15:55

If you're considering the possibility of making porn for a living (it is a $12 billion a year industry you know), you might want to read this first.

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Signs of a Beating the Bunny spoof posted by Carl on 09-20-2005 22:12

Some folks are already taking the whole "beating the bunny" gag to the next level. This is priceless:

"Beating the Bunny." (As opposed to Bashing the Bishop.)

Get your copy now, and save yourself from the nightmare that is porn.

** Warning, there may be examples in this movie to instruct you on what porn to avoid **

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