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Porn is a $12 billion per year industry in the US? 90% of kids 8-16 have intentionally looked at porn? 9AM-5PM is the primary time segment when people access online porn? 1 in 3 Internet porn users are women? More...

Porn is not an issue to be ignored!

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Beating the Bunny is a very unconventional film that deals with one of the worst addictions in the world --

PORN AND MASTURBATION. If there were a top ten list of taboo subjects, porn and masturbation would be found near the top. No one seems to want to talk about them. But the funny thing is...almost everyone deals with these issues at some point in his or her life. The average age when kids are exposed to porn continues to drop, too: about age 11 according to some sources.

THE STORY. We decided to take a risk and get the conversation started. Beating the Bunny is the exciting drama of a young man who tries to hide his porn-viewing habits from his parents. Meanwhile, he is haunted in his nightmares by a giant, evil, pink bunny!

Beating the Bunny is a humorous inside look on how porn affects a young man's thoughts and how typical American families usually brush the issue under the carpet.

Check out the trailer if you haven't already.

FOR FUN. Needless to say, Beating the Bunny is a great film to watch with the guys. Almost every man (and secretly, many women) can relate to what the young man experiences in the story.

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A TOOL. Along with providing hilarious entertainment, Beating the Bunny has been used as a tool to help people confront their personal porn demons in a light-hearted way.

FOR HELPING OTHERS. Guy friends have shown it to each other to spur thoughtful discussion on each others' issues. Parents have used it as an ice-breaker for talking to their tweens and teens about sex. Group leaders have used it to open discussion on a topic that normally ties people's tongues.

Pastors keep a copy of Beating the Bunny on their shelves for use when someone enters their office to confess their porn problems. Women have used it as an acknowledgement that porn lures people of their own gender as well.

HONESTY. Something that has made this film popular (and at the same time, notorious) is the authentic way it deals with the porn issue, exposing the problem without being sexually explicit. The film can be shocking but at the same time is actually safe for family viewing.

If we don't talk about porn, we lose. People will struggle alone. Half of the battle is getting the issue out in the open. Beating the Bunny makes that job easier. You can pick up a copy at our online store for only $10 (now with FREE shipping).


"It brought stuff to the surface that was really hidden in my life."
-Dan, M, age 26

"My eleven-year-old daughter just got her first boyfriend. Your movie helped me get the courage to talk to her about sex."
-Gene, F, age 35

"It's a very cool movie and a wonderful tool...I love that Christians are starting to stand against very serious topics that Christians in the past have patty-caked around."
-Andy, M, Age 16



  • Challenging "Porn Talk" Vignette
  • Porn Statistics Quiz
  • Full Soundtrack (mp3 and menu-accessible)
  • Blooper/Gag Reel
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Two Free Short Films: "Skim Milk Charms" and "Unheard Cries of Mercy"
  • English Subtitles
  • Full Discussion Curriculum

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This movie is not explicit and is family-friendly for ages 12 and above.


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